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Tourism Sector:

The tourism sector in Jordan is fast-growing and involves many economic and social sectors. It contributed 10.4% to Jordan gdp in 2017. Jordan has become a safe destination for tourism due to its strategic central location in the region, moderate climate, safety, and security.


  • A healthy leisure and tourism industry characterized by low risk across security and economic measures (EIU ratings 2015), providing a safe, more stable environment for tourists and visitors
  • An established leisure and tourism cluster of more than 2,200 establishments supporting more than 51,270 jobs (Ministry of Tourism Report, 2017).
  • Significant tourism infrastructure assets in Amman, Aqaba, Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea, Ma’an (Petra) and Wadi Rum. Jordan has classified and non-classified hotels with beds.Jordan features 573 hotels, of which the total combined bed capacity is around 53,811
  • A total number of tourist arrivals reaching 4.2 million with receipts of USD 2886.1m (Ministry of Tourism Report, 2017).
  • Jordain is ranked 35 (out of 140) in the WEF tourism Global Index,2015 in terms of Business Environment, and 32 in Ease of finding skilled employees.
  • World class medical tourism destination - Jordan is the region’s medical treatment hub (ranked the number medical tourism destination according to World Bank) – over 250,000 foreign patents, at sites including Ajloun Castle Health Spa, and Dead Sea Mineral Spa.
  • New tourism-focused Development Zones, including the Dead Sea and Jabal Ajloun
  • Jordan’s main airport acts as a Middle East travel hub
  • Strong levels of English language skills (2014 EF Proficiency Index), supporting the ease of travel and tourism in the country Jordan has ranked 4th in the Arab region and 63rd worldwide in the 7th  EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI 2017)
  • Provides good quality of life (high rating on the UN Human Development Index and a ranking of 26th on the Happy Planet Index)
  • Availability of Development Zone incentives for operations in Aqaba Special Economic Zone and Jordan Development Area (Jabal Ajloun and the Dead Sea).

Business Opportunities:

  • Three , Four and Five Star hotels.
  • Boutique Hotels.
  • Country-Side cottages (Ajloun).
  • Theme Parks and entertainment cities.
  • Spas and Resorts
  • Restaurants

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Source: Travel & Tourism ECONOMIC IMPACT 2016 Report-JORDAN, World Travel & Tourism Council