Message from the chairman

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is committed to the promotion of investments for the purposes of achieving comprehensive and sustainable economic development, access to global markets, increased competition, availability of high value-added job opportunities, and funding of development projects.

In furtherance of said direction, Jordan provides a comprehensive range of incentives and facilitations to potential investors, including an optimum climate for investments. The Jordanian Government has, across its successive terms, undertaken numerous serious measures to review and enhance the economic and financial, legal framework governing the investment process in order to take advantage of the available opportunities to increase economic growth and promote economic development in the various governorates of the Kingdom.

Today, Jordan stands on the threshold of the new phase of legislative frameworks for investments through its recent enactment of the Jordanian Investment Law no. (30) for the year 2014. The Investment Law demonstrates a qualitative leap in the development of the investment environment in the Kingdom. Having, removed the various obstacles surrounding investments in Jordan, the Investment Law provides for the unification of the authorities concerned with investments via the establishment of a single reference point for investments, being the Jordan Investment Commission. The new legislation also grants additional authorities to the Investment Window to further simplify the procedures of setting up investment projects - an undertaking which allows the Commission to keep afloat with best practices and adhere to the highest international standards related to the simplification of investment procedures.

Finally, I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to His Majesty King Abdallah II Bin Al Hussein of Jordan for his continuous support in promoting the investment regime in Jordan including the work of the Investment Commission.


Muhannad Shehadaeh

Minister of State For Investment Affairs