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Tourism Sector:

The tourism sector in Jordan is fast-growing and involves many economic and social sectors. It contributed by 11.8% to Jordan’s GDP in 2015. Jordan has become a safe destination for tourism due to its strategic central location in the region, moderate climate, safety, and security.


  • A healthy leisure and tourism industry characterized by low risk across security and economic measures (EIU ratings 2015), providing a safe, more stable environment for tourists and visitors
  • An established leisure and tourism cluster of more than 2,200 establishments supporting more than 49,000 jobs (Ministry of Tourism Report, 2015).
  • Significant tourism infrastructure assets in Amman, Aqaba, Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea, Ma’an (Petra) and Wadi Rum. Jordan has 558 classified and non-classified hotels with 27,073 beds.
  • A total number of tourist arrivals reaching 4.8 million with receipts of USD 2886.1m (Central Bank statistics, 2015).
  • Jordain is ranked 35 (out of 140) in the WEF tourism Global Index,2015 in terms of Business Environment, and 32 in Ease of finding skilled employees.
  • World class medical tourism destination - Jordan is the region’s medical treatment hub (ranked the number medical tourism destination according to World Bank) – over 250,000 foreign patents, at sites including Ajloun Castle Health Spa, and Dead Sea Mineral Spa.
  • New tourism-focused Development Zones, including the Dead Sea and Jabal Ajloun
  • Competitive transport infrastructure:
  • Air (scores 4.8/ 7 in WEF World Competitiveness Report 2015)
  • Road (scores 4.1/ 7 in WEF World Competitiveness Report 2015)
  • Port infrastructure (scores 4.1/ 7 in WEF World Competitiveness Report 2015)
  • Jordan’s main airport acts as a Middle East travel hub
  • Strong levels of English language skills (2014 EF Proficiency Index), supporting the ease of travel and tourism in the country
  • Provides good quality of life (high rating on the UN Human Development Index and a ranking of 26th on the Happy Planet Index)
  • Availability of Development Zone incentives for operations in Aqaba Special Economic Zone and Jordan Development Area (Jabal Ajloun and the Dead Sea).


Business Opportunities:

  • Three , Four and Five Star hotels.
  • Boutique Hotels.
  • Country-Side cottages (Ajloun).
  • Theme Parks and entertainment cities.
  • Spas and Resorts
  • Restaurants


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Source: Travel & Tourism ECONOMIC IMPACT 2016 Report-JORDAN, World Travel & Tourism Council


Investment opportunities in Tourism sector